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Companies that do not qualify for EUNAFA membership can still benefit from some of our services.

Our popular EZTrack transaction tracking platform may be licensed by any organisation that is incorporated or registered with a European Union member government, any state government in the United States, or the federal government of Canada. EZTrack customers may use the system to provide tracking details for transactions originating from within their organisations.

Companies that meet certain requirements may also access our loan bridging market for a small daily fee. This will allow them to obtain short-term finance for their operations.

Interested parties should contact us for more information.



latest news

10 / 27 / 2008
Agencia Federal de Investigación
launches investigation, is fully assisted by EUNAFA

10 / 06 / 2007
Governemnt of Iceland
assures EUNAFA that the country's banks will remain full members

07 / 17 / 2008
Alan Greenspan
joins the EUNAFA board as director, replacing Paul Volcker

06 / 29 / 2007
Western Union
joins EUNAFA, extends verification services

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