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EUNAFA provies a number of important services to member companies.

Political representation - members have access to lobbyists, key government officials and related resources to provide them with direct influence over the legislative processes in both the European Union and the United States.

Security and authentication - members have access to EUNAFA's law enforcement and transaction security technologies, which ensure that customer transactions are secure, legal and do not harm international security.

Loan brokerage - members can utilize our extensive network of lenders to obtain short-term finance for operations.

EZTrack - members may register inter-bank transfers with our EZTrack service, which allows employees and customers to track the progress of transactions as they proceed.



latest news

10 / 27 / 2008
Agencia Federal de Investigación
launches investigation, is fully assisted by EUNAFA

10 / 06 / 2007
Governemnt of Iceland
assures EUNAFA that the country's banks will remain full members

07 / 17 / 2008
Alan Greenspan
joins the EUNAFA board as director, replacing Paul Volcker

06 / 29 / 2007
Western Union
joins EUNAFA, extends verification services

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